Posted by Brandon Austin on Aug 28, 2017 11:14:52 AM
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Snagging a lure on the bottom of a lake is possibly one of the worst feelings ever!

If it’s happened to you, you know the feeling of loss. Tossing out your favourite or brand new lure to the abyss of the deepness of the water. What’s even worse is when you’ve given up on that lure and the line just isn’t snapping on its own.. you have to cut the line yourself – as if the experience wasn’t painful enough already! But what if you can’t cut the line?! or have more attached to it then just the lure – like a GoFish Cam – you’ll be begging for the lure to just take its own life and snap off to save the camera!!

OR… YOU COULD TRY THESE HELPFUL TIPS AND TRICKS to make the probability of losing your camera a lot less:

When attaching your GoFish Cam to the fishing line, I like to use a heavy lbs braided casting line and a less lbs mono filament leader line. This way if and when I get snagged up, I can pull on the casting line and the chances are greater that the lure will snap off at the leader line and my GoFish Cam will still be secured. Don't forget to double check that you’ve tied good, secure knots before casting out your line.

We've had people lose lures in trees, on logs, in weeds, coral, and more who followed this tip, but they never lost their camera!

Here’s some other helpful articles and forums I found on getting back your lure and not losing it ever again!


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