Planning Your First Fishing Trip This Spring

Posted by Brandon Austin on Apr 4, 2020 8:45:00 AM

No matter where you live, there’s something about spring sweeping in that makes most folks want to head outdoors. Of course, as the water thaws, we know all you anglers are itching to dust off your gear and get out on the water. But wait! Before you throw everything in the back of the truck and head out without a plan, slow down for just a minute. A little bit of planning can help start this spring’s fishing on an amazing footing. Before you head out for your first fishing trip of the spring, start with these straightforward suggestions to make sure things go a little smoother.

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Using the GoFish Cam (and Other Tips) for Slaying Cold Weather Crappie

Posted by Brandon Austin on Feb 2, 2020 9:45:00 AM

Crappie can be notoriously fickle fish on the ice or on open water. Crappie are challenging fish, amazing fighters for their size, and they’re great eating. They’re well worth the challenge, and offer an opportunity for cold-weather fishing. Since they can be such a challenge, here are a few tips to help along the way and to get you started. Among the most effective of those tips is employing the GoFish Cam, the in-line underwater fishing camera that can prove an advantage to cold weather crappie fishing. If you know any crappie anglers (or those who prefer other species), find out why the GoFish Cam should win spot one on any winter (or summer) gifts for fisherman list.

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Why the GoFish Cam Is Great for Fishing Charter Captains

Posted by Brandon Austin on Oct 25, 2019 4:05:28 PM

Running a fishing charter business is a dream career for many anglers. There’s no question that those running charters for a living got into the business because they love fishing, but it’s still a job and jobs are accompanied by responsibilities. Chief among those responsibilities is keeping the business profitable. Doing so requires consistently drawing customers to your charter, which means it’s imperative to stand out from the competition. One great way to draw in customers that comes with a ton of benefits is allowing them to take home a video of their experience to share online and promote your business. Rigging up each client’s rod with an in-line underwater fishing camera from GoFish Cam helps accomplish this. 

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Top Issues Anglers Face Saltwater Fishing On Shore

Posted by Brandon Austin on Sep 29, 2019 10:03:00 AM

There are few things that say “summer time” more than sitting on a sandy shore, drinking a few cold ones, and haphazardly tossing a line into the surf. If this sounds pretty ideal to you, then you’re in the right place. Explore these issues anglers face when saltwater fishing from shore to make your leisure time that much more leisurely (or challenging, if that’s what you want). 

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Top 10 Issues Anglers Face When Casting & Retrieving - Part 2

Posted by Brandon Austin on Sep 24, 2019 12:26:00 PM

There's nothing better than getting out on the water for a day of fishing. But one of the easiest ways to wreck that pure joy is spending the day in frustration because things just aren’t going your way. With all the components needed, there are plenty of ways a simple fishing adventure can go wrong. Help your trip go smoothly; explore these common mistakes anglers make when casting and retrieving — and don’t forget to check back to part one for even more tips.

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A Video Is Worth 10,000 Casts: A Camera, Commitment, and Other Trophy Musky Musts

Posted by Brandon Austin on Aug 30, 2019 11:10:00 AM

In accordance with the apparent unspoken law of fishing writing, the phrase “the fish of 10,000 casts” must appear at least once in any article about fishing for muskellunge. The problem with that cliché is that it reinforces the belief that a musky really is that hard to catch. That can end up turning away would-be musky-slayers who could be having a blast fighting these monstrous fish. 

But muskies are not the fish of 10,000 literal casts—or at least they don’t have to be. Like their pike cousins, they are aggressive ambush predators that will eat anything they can fit in their massive, toothy maws. Armed with the right gear, some reliable advice (research is a must), and a few new tricks (like an underwater fishing camera), you can be landing trophy muskies in short order.

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See More, Catch More: 4 Reasons Every Angler Needs the GoFish Cam

Posted by Brandon Austin on Aug 22, 2019 4:32:00 PM

If you’re an angler, it’s a virtual certainty that you’ve stared at the water wondering: How many fish are actually down there? What species, and how big are they? Perhaps most importantly: Why aren’t they hitting? Without the assistance of technology, it’s difficult to know any of that for sure.

Fish finders and other tools are steps in the right direction. Without a true visual tool, however, what’s happening under the surface was destined to remain a mystery—at least before the GoFish Cam came along. Now, you can finally get a window to the other side, the world of the fish you’re stalking, by taking advantage of the GoFish Cam underwater fishing camera. The following are just a few of the ways GoFish Cam has changed everything.

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Make Fishing A Family Affair This Father’s Day - And Every Trip!

Posted by Brandon Austin on Jun 13, 2019 2:56:00 PM

These days, it has become incredibly common for the TV or computer to be a kid’s guide to the world. But it doesn’t have to be! As parents, we know that there are few things as valuable as time spent with our kids. This Father’s Day is the perfect time to get your family together and go outdoors! Fishing is an immensely valuable sport, and a perfect way to bring your family together. Here’s why you should celebrate Father’s Day by starting a new family hobby:

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Finding The Perfect Father’s Day Gifts For The Angler In Your Life

Posted by Brandon Austin on Jun 12, 2019 11:50:00 AM

Is your dad the hardest guy to shop for? The macaroni noodle art, or a tie, is great, but that doesn’t fly when you’re not 12! We want to make it easy to give your favorite guy something he’ll love and actually want to use this Father’s Day. For anyone with a fisherman father/spouse, here are some great suggestions of things he wouldn’t necessarily buy for himself, but he’d really love to have!

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